Japan finals for the Heering World Championship

Japan has had its national competition in order to find a representatvie to send to the Singapore finals in the Heering World Championship. Many beautiful cocktails were created, click on the images for a closer look.

Programme Heering Grande finale in Singapore

Click on the link below to view the programme for the Heering World Championship in Fashion Mixing and Drink Designing..


Heering Challenge 2009: Greek winners

Announcement from Karoulias’ website:

It is official – The cocktail and the dress that will represent Greece in the Grand Final of the Accessorize 2009 Heering Cherry Liqueur International Competition have been chosen. The winners of the Greek preliminary round are Stefanos Paraskevoudis, a professional mixologist from Thessaloniki –with his inspired “Vintage Fatale” cocktail– and the talented Loucas Alifragis, student at AKMI Fashion School –with his gorgeous, “dramatic” dress made of dark red, silk taffetas.

The Accessorize 2009 International Competition organized by Heering Cherry Liqueur –the original cherry liqueur– is held in 15 countries and aims at elevating the most talented mixologists and young fashion designers of the world. The mixologists are to create a Heering cocktail inspired by a unique haute couture dress while designers are to design a cocktail dress inspired by a Heering cocktail. In Greece, the preliminary round for the fashion competition was presided by Mr Makis Tselios, the famous Greek fashion designer, while the mixologists competition was held under the auspices of the Greek Barmen Association.

The Greek finalists, along with the winners from the 14 other countries, will travel to Singapore, on June 4th, 2009, to participate at the Grand Final. The event will take place in the legendary Raffles Hotel, the hotel where, in 1915, the famous Singapore Sling, Heering’s signature cocktail, was born. A unique experience and a great opportunity for international acknowledgment await the winners of the international competition: the winner mixologist will have the opportunity to publish his/her own cocktail book with Heering Cherry Liqueur, by the end of 2009, while the winner fashion designer, will present his/her own fashion show in the prestigious International Fashion Week in Copenhagen (spring/summer 2010).

Accessorize 2009 –Stefanos Paraskevoudis
“Vintage Fatale” Cocktail

40 ml Malt Whisky
20 ml Heering Cherry Liqueur
15 ml Elderflower Liqueur
30 ml Guava Juice
20 ml Grapefruit Fresh Juice
A dash of Grapefruit Bitters.
Red Currant & Black Berries for garniture
Served in old-fashioned glass

Accessorize 2009 – Loukas Alifragis
Dramatic- inspired Fashion Design

Red Silk Taffetas – Black chiffon details

Note for the Editors
Further info:
Mary Voyiatzi
tel: (+30) 210 81 41 801


Heering at cwbuecheler.com……

New Cocktail – The Bossman (Whiskey, Cherry Heering, Vermouth, Lemon, Bitters)

This past Wednesday was Crispy Gamer’s CEO’s birthday. Coincidentally, on Wednesdays we often have “Crispy Cocktail Night” where someone – typically me – makes drinks for the office and we hang out playing Rock Band 2. I was asked to come up with a new drink for the occasion, and after some experimenting, created one I like.
I wanted to produce something which was bold but not overpowering, not too sweet, and could be made by the glass or by the pitcher. I decided on a whiskey-based concoction which used Cherry Heering for sweetness, lemon juice for a bit of tang, and dry vermouth to smooth things out. Here’s the recipe:
The Bossman
2 parts Canadian Whiskey (I used Seagrams VO)
2 parts OJ (glass) or 3 parts OJ (pitcher)
.75 parts Dry Vermouth
.75 parts Cherry Heering
.5 parts Lemon Juice
Generous dash of Angostura Bitters
Shake or stir with ice, and serve over ice in a rocks glass. Goes very well with birthday cake!
Hope you enjoy the drink.


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