Heering recipes from around the globe

Two new Heering recipes have found their way to the Heering news section.

The first one was served to a happy customer onboard the M/S Kungsholm (a big luxurious boat famous all over the globe during its golden years.)


1/3 part Cherry Heering
1/3 part Bourbon
1/3 part Vodka
Squeezed lemon
A lot of ice

The other one was found on Antigua in the Caribbeans.

Horse Shoe Sling

½ onz cherry heering
2onz Tequila
¾ onz limejuice
½ onz cointreau
¼ onz benediktine
½ onz ananasjuice
2 dash of Angostura

Top with sparkling wine or Clubsoda

This is a sort of a Singapore Sling but with tequila.


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