Excerpt from the blog Spirit Me Away

The following could be read on the blog Spirit Me Away where author Meaghan Dorman has been experimenting with farmers market apple cider (and rinsed the glass with Heering Cherry Liqueur for the right touch!).

Autumn Gingerbread Flip

I finished up my recipe for the Hiram Walker Gingerbread Recipe blogger contest right in the nick of time. One of my favorite things about fall is farmers market apple cider, so I knew that would make into my recipe. Check out the final recipe:

1.5 oz farmer’s market apple cider
1.5 oz Sazerac Rye Whiskey
.5 oz Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur
.5 oz egg white

Rinse a cocktail glass with Cherry Heering liqueur. Pour all ingredients
into a mixing glass and dry shake vigorously for about 10 seconds. Add ice
and shake again. Strain into rinsed cocktail glass. Garnish with a flamed
orange zest.



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