Letter from a happy customer

Every now and then we get a letter from a happy customer. It is very pleasing to know that so many people enjoy our Heering Cherry Liqueur. Here is one of those letters we recently received:

“I am acting quite out of character in writing you this thank you letter. Most companies don’t really need to hear from their satisfied customers. (Only the unsatisfied ones).
Life for me, as well as many blue collar industrial workers has been getting steadily worse over the last six or seven years. For this reason we seek small affordable comforts that will brighten our day just a bit. Among my joys are my beautiful children and a wonderful wife. Each night I come home after a difficult day and clean up for a quick dinner. I get my old Tallit off the shelf for evening prayers and my wife brings me a small Korean tea cup filled with an ice cube and some cherry Peter Heering. The prayers coming out and the splash of Heering going in somehow sooth away the anxieties of this world; redirecting my eyes to the warmth and joy of the next.
Thank you for a superb product, and the care that goes in to each drop. “

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