Heering Cherry Liqueur in New Orleans

Heering Cherry Liqueur was together with its US distributor, Kindred Spirits Inc., present at the “Tales of a Cocktail” conference in New Orleans from July 16th-July 20th. Tales of the Cocktail is the largest conference on the subject of mixology and cocktails in the United States, attracting several thousand top bartenders, educators, journalists (spirits, wine, food & travel) and spirits producers. The event was well-publicized in many national and regional consumer lifestyle, epicurean and travel media outlets as well as bar industry magazines to attract attendees.

Cherry Heering participated with a sponsorship of three events: Cherry Heering Tasting Room, Cocktail Garnishes from Functional to Fabulous Seminar and the Tiki Cocktail event. In addition, the brand was requested for an additional three seminars. The excitement around the Cherry Heering brand was great and Kindred Spirits Inc. did an excellent job displaying the brand at this important conference. The obvious enthusiasm and excitement around the brand can only tell us that the brand is heading for an even brighter future overseas. For a short cut from the event, go to the following link:


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