Heering on deluxe-label.de

If you log into the blog www.deluxe-label.de you will find information about Accessorize 2009. Will Germany be the winner in Singapore? We’ll see.


Heering on Drinksville.com

Heering is featured on www.drinksville.com as a part of the Holiday Westbourne Punch created by mixologist Sam Kershaw. Check it out on drinksville.com!


Heering in Sun Sentinel

Heering was mentioned in the article “Is Your Liquor Cabinet Ready for a Party?” that recently ran in the Sun Sentinel (A Broward, Palm Beach, Miami and Dade County based newspaper). Cherry Heering was in the piece recommended for the Framboise cocktail- check it out!

Heering in the German magazine

The Accessorize 2009 challenge had a full page with images and text in the German Mixologist magazine. The Accessorize 2009 challenge is described and there is also some product information on Heering Cherry and Heering Coffee liqueur. The whole piece is written by Helmut Adam.

Heering in Cosmopolitan

The Heering brand and the global challenge “Accessorize 2009” will be seen in the January issue of Danish Cosmopolitan.

Top wine consultant makes recipe with Heering Cherry Liqueur

Top wine consultant Kelly Magyarics was a guest on WUSA-CBS Ch 9 in Washington DC yesterday morning and she included Cherry Heering in her selection of sparkling wine cocktails and pairings.

Here is the delicious recipe:

Sparkling Cherry Jubilee
½ oz. Cherry Heering Liqueur (www.heering.com)
1 tsp. fresh lime juice
Top with Prosecco or other sparkling wine
Garnish with a cherry

Appetizer idea: Brie spread with tart cherry cinnamon preserves


Heering on the Royal Warrant’s website

If you log into the Royal Warrants website: www.royalwarrant.org you will find the following words on Heering:

Purveyors of Cherry Heering
The history of the firm of Peter F. Heering begins as long ago as December 1, 1818. It was on this date that the young grocer’s assistant Peter Fredrik Suhm Heering opened a business of his own in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. At first, it was a modest cellar shop, but its proprietor was a man of sound business instinct who realised the possibilities latent in an old recipe which had been given him. He experimented with the recipe, improved it, and started to manufacture in quantity. Soon Peter F. Heering owned a mansion in Copenhagen and a fleet of ships. Kings and Emperors ordered it for their table sophisticated individuals of every nationality came to value its characteristic taste and fashionable impression the world over.

During the first part of the 19th Century there was no Gucci or Dior or Chanel or even Nike. There were just spices, furs, gold and shoes made by the corner shoemaker. Spirits were local – in the West Indies one drank rum, in London most likely gin. But as the British Empire grew, Heering Cherry Liqueur achieved a global following. Allegedly, nothing was more enticing on a warm afternoon than a cocktail of the finest calibre. So the British and their friends made sure there was plenty of ‘Cherry Heering’, and Heering ensured that life, in the far reaches of the Kingdom, was civilized. And one of the first global brands was born.

In 1819 Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore and purchased a plot of land from the Sultan of Johor where he created a trading post for the British East Asian Trading Company. A hundred years later, in the lobby of the infamous Raffles Hotel, legendary bartender Mr Ngiam Tong Boon invented the Singapore Sling later to achieve global fame by mixing 30 ml of Gin, 15 ml Heering Cherry Liqueur, 120 ml pineapple juice, 15 ml lime juice, 7,5 ml Cointreau, 7,5 ml DOM Benedictine, 10 ml Grenadine and a dash of Angostura Bitters. Shaken not stirred, served on ice in a cocktail glass.


Excerpt from www.amateurcocktailguy.com

The following could be read on the blog amateurcockatilguy.com the other day:

A Thank You gift
December 5th, 2008

Amateur Cocktail Guy got caught a little exposed last night. Several times a month work intrudes into the cocktail hour. We tea-total those nights and always make sure I can get away if called. A combination of last minute events put me in a bind and I had to call the Amateur Cocktail Friends for some help. Always gracious, they came through without flinching. I owe them a big one, so I went to work in the ACG test kitchen.
Not everything that passes these lips makes it to these pages. Last weeks I stirred up a recipe from the latest issue of Imbibe. They offered a collection of cocktail recipes for holiday parties. One caught my eye – a mix of Bourbon and Cherry Herring. I’ve been a little taken with Cherry Heering after I spent some time in Atlanta this summer tracking down a bottle. I’ve enjoyed it in Blood and Sands, and wanted to try some other drinks that included it. I mixed one up last week and enjoyed it – slowly, over an hour or so.
It’s a liquor drink with no added juice or syrups. Stir it with ice to dilute and chill it a bit, then sip. It’s not bad. Tim Stookey of The Presidio Social Club in San Fransisco developed the drink. He calls it “And to All a Good Night…” In the article he indicates that he wanted “spiciness” in the drink. He nailed it. I think it works great as an aperitif.
As I was trying to figure out how to thank the friends, it struck me that this drink could be mixed up ahead in bigger batches and poured as needed. A little math indicated that a quadruple recipe would fill a 375 ml bottle. My ABC stop today was to pick up a bottle of Maker’s Mark. It cleaned up nicely. Next, I mixed 6 oz Bourbon with 3 oz each Cherry Heering and Tequila. Bitters were added, then back into the bottle. I got a little crafty with Photoshop and turned out new labels.
I’ll deliver in the morning, fingers crossed that they’ll enjoy it.


Heering cocktails at the famous hotel Rival in Stockholm

If you visit the Hotel Rival in Stockholm, you will find the following delicious cocktails on the menu:


Cherry Heering
fresh selleri

Cherry Poppins

Cherry Heering
Maraschino berries
Southern Comfort

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Heering
Absolut Apeach
Elder flower

Berry Vs. Bean

Coffee Heering
Bacardi Oro

Heering at the “Gordon Ramsey Taste of Christmas” in London

Heering will be at the “Gordon Ramsey Taste of Christmas” in London between the dates of 4th of December and 7th of December. The show has about 28 000 visitors and Heering will be there with its own stand.

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